Donald Trump: The Most American President in History?

The Institute of the Radical Imagination presents:

Donald Trump: The Most American President in History?

A one day seminar on Saturday, April 24th from 1 to 3 p.m. (USA East coast “diabolical time”) with Peter Bratsis presenting and facilitating.

Donald Trump is very often understood as someone who is out of step with the cultural values and political ethics of the United States. Some present him as a Russian 'asset', a foreign agent who is attempting to subvert the United States from within. Others prefer to think of Trump as psychologically deranged, a pathological figure who ended up as president by accident and has perverted and greatly damaged the political integrity of the United States. This one-day seminar will examine the thesis that what makes Trump such a dangerous and destructive political leader is precisely the opposite, Trump's remarkably extreme Americaness. From his love of diet Coke and well-done steaks to his arrogance, dedication to competitive individualism and self-interest, belief in conspiracy theories, hucksterism, conspicuous consumption, and attempts to aggrandize presidential power, it is the ways that Trump exemplifies American values that explains why he was able to mobilize such a large fraction of the population and why, even if Trump were to disappear tomorrow, the Trumpist tendency in American politics seems unlikely to end any time soon.

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