The Institute for the Radical Imagination is a 501© 3 charitable nonprofit organization whose fundamental purpose is educational in nature. The overall purpose of the Institute is to develop and coordinate programmatic content by hosting symposia, colloquia, forums, reading groups. Classes are offered for at least twenty weeks of the calendar year, are interactive and participatory in nature, and are open to the general public interested in exploring alternative intellectual and cultural perspectives.
The Institute for the Radical Imagination has a threefold mission. First, an educational and pedagogical commitment through classes offered that seriously question and engage contemporary social and philosophical issues. A curriculum is in development that will be based in the history of systems of thinking in Western thought and will be rooted in five basic domains of learning: Philosophy, Literature/Poetry, Political Economy, History, and the triad of Science, Technology and Ecology. Our slogan is: An Education that Matters.

The second mission of the Institute concerns ongoing open research into the pressing social and political events of our time, including studies on race, class, gender, power, the use and abuse of technology, and the ecological horizon. Studies will be published in both pamphlet and academic journal forms and actively shared in the community of those desiring meaningful transformation.

The third mission involves the planning and facilitation of public forums and interventions on contemporary economic, social, cultural, and political issues. Additionally, the Institute will summarize its activities in a monthly newsletter which will continue to stimulate serious thinking and research into the pressing issues of our time and make a contribution to building not only a viable resistance to the ongoing onslaught of naked power in the age of financialization but to also actively construct a better and more equal and sustainable society for the future.

Address: PO BOX 170607, Brooklyn, NY 11217-0607
Email: info@radicalimagination.institute