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Important Seminar Updates:

June 3, 2021

Beyond the Socialist Impasse: Remembering Leo Panitch. Join Left Forum and the Socialist Register in commemorating his life and work on June 5th from 12–6PM EST.

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Eros and Civilization, Herbert Marcuse

The Imaginary Instituion of Society, C. Castoriadis

On Revolution, Hannah Arendt

Heritage of Our Times, Earnst Bloch

Sicence As Power, Stanley Aronowitz

Poetry of the Revolution, Martin Puchner

The Dialogic Imagination, M.M. Bakhtin

The Ontology of Social Being, G. Lukacs


Online June 5th 12-6PM EST

About this event:

On June 5th Left Forum and the Socialist Register are commemorating the life and spirit of Leo Panitch. The Left Forum is sponsoring a series of panels which underline three major foundations of Panitch’s corpus of research, teaching, and activism: (1) Reimagining Socialist Parties and Practice; (2) Debating Socialist Strategies Post-Pandemic; and (3) The State and Global Capitalism. Everyone who knew Leo recognized that he was serious about constructing a non-utopian socialist society.

Speakers include: Frances Fox Piven, Greg Albo, Steve Maher, Minqi Li, Michalis Spourdalikis, Meagan Day, Arun Gupta, Peter Bratsis, Barbara Epstein, Sharmini Peries, Bhaskar Sunkara, Trevor Ngwane, Sam Gindin, Zhun Xu, Jayati Ghosh, Nicole Aschoff, Clyde Barrow & Doug Henwood.

Leo was a friend and comrade of the global left and an important part of the Left Forum community. His presence and influence have enlightened us on the challenges of confronting bourgeois political power and establishing counter-hegemonic political forces, the construction of socialism, and global capitalism’s resilient support for inequality, poverty, and socialist political movements for constructing an egalitarian and democratic world. We will bring together Leo’s friends and comrades to examine and discuss his prodigious legacy and examine the three frames of research that inspired him and helped us to understand how we can challenge capitalism.

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