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Bernard Stiegler: From the new Spirit of Capitalism to the Lost Spirit and Mind of Capitalism with Michael Pelias

Introducing and Situating the work of Stiegler within the conjuncture of risk management and its economy of carelessness with be an overarching part of tonight's session.


1. From Technics and Time, Volume I , the General Introduction , pages 1-18. The three myths of modernity and the framing of the hyperindustrial Time as technics (a rethinking of Heidegger's techne).

2. From The Lost Spirit of Capitalism, "Sociopathology of May 1968," pages 1-41. Steigler's attempt through a creative critique and displacement to overcome the limitations of Boltanski's and Chiapello's The New Spirit of Capitalism. Stiegler will point to a lost spirit, not a new spirit that informs and puntuates our era.