I Fought the Law Podcast with Michael Pelias

Are you as terrified as everyone else about the possibility of nuclear war and total destruction of the planet? Or don’t you even think about it?

The corporate media—their word is law—is not concerned but we are and on each episode journalist, professor and media scholar Dennis Broe and his guests will explore aspects of how this global struggle is being downplayed or cheered on.

This is a show for peace activists, those who care about the future of the planet, and all those who want to stop a global war which accelerates each day.

On this maiden voyage of I Fought The Law social philosopher Michael Pelias and I discuss the history of the anti-war left in the U.S. We mourn its absence in the current war and talk about what conditions need to be met for a revival. On our first feature, "Dispatches," this week titled "Socialism or Couture," I highlight that fashionable couple the Zelenskys, as they gadabout Paris and Washington, each in highly appropriate attire. On our final feature "Global Jeopardy" Michael and I try to come up with the appropriate question for the answer in the category "Peace-Loving Democrats."