Seminar Outline: Overcoming Servitude?

Deleuze and Guattari’s Anti-Oedipus with Michael Pelias

1st week: Introduction and situating the text: Read Foucault’s preface (saying beforehand) and Seem’s introduction.

Desiring Machines (why the mechanistic language – remnants of Cartesianism?)

2nd week: The Desiring Machines, 1–4, pages 1–35 – beginnings of a materialist psychiatry

3rd week: The Machines and The Whole and its Parts, pages 36–50
Psychoanalysis and Familialism: The Holy Family (Freudo-Marx synthesis and critique)

4th week: the Imperial Oedipus and three texts of Freud, connective synthesis and disjunctive synthesis, Pages 51–83

5th week: conjunctive synthesis through Reich on social and psychic repression, movement of deterritorialization and territorialities, pages 84–138

Savages, Barbarians, Civilized Men
“We are all tattoed savages.” Gustave Flaubert

6th week: The socius and Nietzsche’s genealogy with Artaud’s anti –theater and then a geology of morals (see pages 39–74 in A Thousand Plateaus, God as Lobster, double articulation). Read pages 139–183 in Anti-Oedipus.

7th week: Territorial representation to the founders of the Urstadt pages 184–221.

8th week: The Capitalist Machine to Capitalist representation, Adam Smith and Freud, pages 221- 272.

Introduction to Schizoidanalysis

9th week: From the social field to Psychoanalysis (classical and structural) and Capitalism, pages 273–321.

10th week: the two tasks of Schizoid-analysis: Forgetting Hegelian piety pages, 322–382.
Of course, if necessary, there can be an additional session that reviews the material in order to resituate the insights of this text for today’s movements and challenges.