The Institute for the Radical Imagination presents:


A five-week seminar, beginning November 30, 2022
Wednesdays at 7 PM EST

Michael Pelias presenting and facilitating


“The End of Philosophy and the Task of Thinking” pp. 427-449 in Basic Writings, revised and expanded edition, translated by David Farrell Krell with a foreword by Taylor Carman, 2008.

What is called Thinking? translated by J. Glenn Gray, Harper Perennial, 1954 in German, 1968 in English and 2004.

About this Seminar:

Through a careful reading of Martin Heidegger’s 1964 lecture, “The End of Philosophy and the Task of Thinking” and the 1951-52 lectures, “What is Called Thinking?”, we will attempt to resituate ourselves, our singularities in the fragmented and confused dissolution of the “new world order”, and confront the effects that data driven societies of control yield, that is the symptoms of our “lostness.” Heidegger invites us to ask what does it mean to think, thinking in relation to the hand, to apprenticeship and learning, thinking and thanking and in his twenty-one lectures encounters the struggle between machine–automated thinking, cybernetic control and communication and distinguishes between scientific thinking and Thinking as such.

Heidegger reminds us that “we have not yet begun to think,” and in his originary interrogative fashion gives us signposts to reflect upon and opens the possibility to find new direction desperately needed amidst jargon-laden academicism, formulaic cliches, automated behaviorisms, and reductionist economisms.

Throughout the seminar, we will keep open the possibility that a revolution in thinking is both a necessary and sufficient condition for our time of transition to economies of care and no rule (isonomia).

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The Possibility of Transition: Thinking and Acting Readings

Week 1, November 30th: Introduction to the later Heidegger - the ends of Philosophy and our future tasks

Week 2, December 14th: “The End of Philosophy and the Task of Thinking”, pages 431-449 in Basic Writings, Harper 2008.

Week 3, December 21st: What is Called Thinking?, Part One, winter 1951, lectures I-V, pages 3-56.

Week 4, December 28 th : What is Called Thinking ?, Part One, winter 1951 , lectures VI – X, pages

Week 5, January 4th 2023: What is Called Thinking?, Part Two, Summer, 1952, lectures I- V, pages 113-171

Week 6, January 11th, 2023: What is Called Thinking?, Part Two, summer, 1952, lectures VI-XI, pages 172-244

Week 7, January 18 th, 2023: What is Called Thinking? and the Ends of Philosophy – orienting the future and the possibility of decolonizing Philosophy and Isonomia

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