Vol 4, No 1 (Fall/Winter 2011)

Whither Globalization? An Idea Whose Time Has Come or Whose Time Has Come and Gone?
Terri Ginsberg, Dennis Broe PDF

Babel and the Global Hollywood Gaze
Deborah Anne Shaw PDF

The Film Festival as Site of Resistance: Pro or Cannes
Dennis Broe PDF

Neither a Victim nor a Crusading Heroine:
Hossein Khosrowjah PDF

African Cinema and Nollywood: Contradictions
Jonathon Haynes PDF

Radical Rationalism as Cinema Aesthetics: The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict in North American Documentary and Experimental Film
Terri Ginsberg PDF

Just Some of the Ways to Shoot a Strike: Militant Filmmaking in France from Arc to the Groupe Medvedkine
Paul Douglas Grant PDF

Villa del Cine (Cinema City): Constructing Bolivarian Citizens for the Twenty-First Century
Noah Samuel Zweig PDF

Encircling the City: Peasant Migration in Contemporary Chinese Media
Ping Fu PDF

Between Personal Cataclysms and National Conflicts: The Missing Labor Class in Malayalam Cinema
Gayatri Dev PDF

Eastern European Cinema on the Margins
Meta Mazaj PDF

Contributor’s List PDF


About Situations:

Situations, a peer-reviewed journal, intends to address the current malaise of the radical imagination in both left theory and in popular consciousness. We aim to explore the social conditions and lived experiences that lead to this malaise and to support explanations which do not reduce political phenomena to a reflection.

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