Vol 6, No 1 & 2 (Fall 2018)

Introduction to the Double Issue
Michael Pelias PDF

Living Laboratories: From Detroit to Athens and Back. A Conversation with Dan Georgakas and the Situations Collective
Dan Georgakas PDF

The Mediterranean Imaginary: A Nationalism of the Sun, A Communism of the Sea
Kristin Lawler PDF

Extractions From Lightning Storm Mind: Pre-Ancientist Meditations
Max Cafard PDF

The Greek “boat people”: Exile, the Philosophical Imaginary and its Contemporary Relevance, Part I
Michael Pelias PDF

The Greek Crisis as Concrete Universal: On the Impossibility of Reform and Impasse of Subjectivity
Peter Bratsis PDF

Mediterranean Noir- Sunlight Gleaning off a Battered .45
Dennis Broe PDF

American Misery: Capitalism’s Culpability and Our New Opiates
Jesse Klein PDF

A Turing Test for Disability Studies
Marissa Brostoff PDF

Sraffa and Social Analysis: Some Methodological Aspects
Andrea Ginzburg PDF

Other Critical Interventions

Shulamith Firestone: Cybernetics and Back to a Feminist Future
Maureen Nappi PDF

“Occupation” between Conquest and Liberation
AK Thompson PDF


About Situations:

Situations, a peer-reviewed journal, intends to address the current malaise of the radical imagination in both left theory and in popular consciousness. We aim to explore the social conditions and lived experiences that lead to this malaise and to support explanations which do not reduce political phenomena to a reflection.

The editorial collective can be reached at: editors@radicalimagination.institute