Volume VIII, nos.1 & 2 (Summer 2019)

In Memoriam
Agnes Heller, 1929 — 2019 PDF

Scholarship with a Purpose

“Rage Against the Time Machine: Pessimism’s Ahistorical Ethics vs. Cynicism’s Resignation to Progress
Robert Cowan PDF

The Longest Sick Day: Gregor Samsa in the Sovereign Double Bind
Tony Iantosca PDF


White Lies: The Empty Signifier in White Supremacy and The Alt.right
Chris Knight PDF

Essays From the Cultural Front

The Trump Presidency and the Pornification of the American Dream
Dominic Wetzel PDF

Matter of Fact: Journalism and the Fait Accompli
Ross Wolfe PDF

Critical Book Review Essay

The Transindividual Orientation: A review of Jason Read’s The Politics of Transindividuality
Bruno Gulli PDF


About Situations:

Situations, a peer-reviewed journal, intends to address the current malaise of the radical imagination in both left theory and in popular consciousness. We aim to explore the social conditions and lived experiences that lead to this malaise and to support explanations which do not reduce political phenomena to a reflection.

The editorial collective can be reached at: editors@radicalimagination.institute