ZeroZeroZero and the Global Drug Trade / #BlackAF and Black Affluence by Dennis Broe

Dennis Broe continues his series with a look at ZeroZeroZero and the Global Drug Trade, and #BlackAF and Black Affluence Image: Zero, Zero, Zero: Mexican Police in the global drug trade

ZeroZeroZero, a Sky, Canal + and Amazon series based on the Roberto (Gomorrah) Saviano book, has two things on its mind. The first is one of Saviano’s major points – that the global drug trade and particularly cocaine now underpins much of the world’s economy. There are three locations and groups in the series. The Mexican drug lords harvest the drugs. An American “respectable” family from New Orleans transports the shipment and a clan of the ’Ndrengheta, the Calabrian mafia, distributes it.

The second point is made by the Gabriel Byrne character, who acknowledges that his shipping enterprise is only profitable because it is a front for transporting cocaine. The series in its eight episodes tracks the containers as they are loaded in Mexico, diverted to Africa where in order to avoid customs they wind their way through Dakar in Senegal, Jihadists in Mali—who explain that they are at war because they have been disenfranchised by the French—and Morocco, a “civilized” country where bribery finally secures the shipment reaching the toe of Italy.

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