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The Institute for the Radical Imagination presents:


With Professors Arto Artinian and Michael Pelias

A six-week seminar meeting weekly beginning Wednesday, October 4th @ 6:30 p.m.


Homo Datum and Socialized Cybernetics: Emerging Contours of the Latest Phase of Capitalism

Andrei Fursov: CONSPIROLOGY– The crypto-political economy of capitalism as a basis for the stud of Western elites

Understanding algorithmic societies: Hybrid intelligence and its zombies

Johann Chapoutot: Free to Obey

Stiegler, Bernard: Chapters 3 and 4 in For a New Critique of Political Economy, pages 14-70.

Wilden, Anthony: System and structure: Essays in Communication and Exchange

This seminar will engage the strategic and systemic crisis of morphing human subjectivity from homo sapiens and homo economicus into what we call “Homo Datum.” Framed within the Cybernetic Revolution as the revolution of our time, we will attempt to:

1. Understand Capitalism at its limit and in its ends

2. Politics as War (rethinking the war machine)

3. Tracing the processes of socialized cybernetics

4. Production of new subjectivities from the ever-present generalized proletarianization of the world and the new biological being endowed as human capital and what this means for our future.

5. To attempt to encounter homo datum with possible alternatives through asking the question, What does it mean to be human in this automated society? What new subjectivity must be developed to confront and move beyond the automated and robotized society into new forms and practices of “communist eudaimonia?”

Please join us for a radical experiment in thought and practice in forging various imaginative approaches to encountering the brave new world we inhabit and in overcoming obstacles standing in the way of the promise of the liberating potential of the cybernetic revolution.

Our readings will include works by Bernard Stiegler on the effects of proletarianization of the world, Anthony Wilden on analog and digital communication, the important study on modern management techniques, Free to Obey by Johann Chapoutot, as well as a working paper by Artinian on homo datum, and other relevant studies. A comprehensive reading list will be disseminated to those participating in the seminar.

$135 for six sessions or $25 per session.

To register for the seminar, please follow this link: