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Marx, Marxism and Philosophy Today with Michael Pelias

Marx’s relationship to Philosophy from the Greek atomists through Aristotle to Hegel has been commented upon by many in the Marxist tradition. Through a general, yet rigorous survey, this class will examine Marx’s use of philosophical materialism in his early manuscripts as well as a critical and analytical approach to the schools of Marxist philosophy that developed with and after the work of Lukacs, Gramsci, Korsch, and the Frankfurt school through the French existentialists and structuralists to the Italian schools from Della Volpe to Negri.

(2:15–4:15pm): a ten week course — $15 per session or $125 for all ten sessions.

Weekly Seminar Summaries:

Week 1: Seminar Outline

Week 2: Saturday, October 6, 2018

Week 4: Saturday, October 20, 2018

Week 6: Saturday, November 3, 2018

Week 7: Saturday, November 10, 2018


1st and 2nd weeks: Gramsci, Antonio. “The Study of Philosophy” in Prison Notebooks, pp. 323–377 (International Publishers edition, 2005)

3rd and 4th weeks: Marx, Karl. The Economic and Philosophical Ms. of 1844, edited and introduced by Dirk J. Struik (International Publishers, 1997)

5th week. Lukacs, Georg. “The Phenomenon of Reification” in History and Class Consciousness , pp. 83–110. (MIT Press, 1970).

6th week: Korsch, Karl. Marxism and Philosophy
Adorno, Theodor. “Why Still Philosophy” in Critical Models, pp. 5–18. (Columbia University Press, 2005)

7th week: The Italian Schools: Della Volpe, Galvano. “Italian Hegelianism: Croce and Galileo” pp. 229–246 in Logic as a Positive Science (NLB, 1980)
Colletti, Lucio. “Hegel and the ‘Dialectic of Matter’ “ in Marxism and Hegel, pp.7–27. (Verso, 1979)

8th week: Sartre, Jean- Paul “Search for a Method”, the introduction to Critique of Dialectical Reason and Lefebvre, Henri. Chapters 1,4, and 5 in Meta Philosophy ( Verso 2016)

9th week: Althusser, Louis. “The Historical Task of Marxist Philosophy (1967) “ in The Humanist Controversy and Other Writings, pp. 155–220. ( Verso, 2009).

10th week: Negri, Antonio. ‘Multitudo”,pp.225–261 in Time for Revolution (Continuum, 2003. 2004)

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