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Marxism after Marx with Stanley Aronowitz

In recent times, left scholars, militants, and theorists have returned to Marx in the hope of finding the revolutionary truth. Although the study of Marx and his immense production of critical analysis is necessary and demanding, it alone cannot replace the more current theoretical interventions of the middle twentieth century through the first two decades of the 21st century. This course will focus on three of the most original contemporary versions of Marxism which have taken into account current conditions. We will encounter and focus on the exemplary and original work of the Frankfurt School, Henri Lefebvre, and Antonio Negri. The hope is to think in our times with new concepts and categories needed for understanding and making radical change.
*This seminar will be held at: 244 Madison Ave. #10‑A ( between 37 th and 38 th Sts.)

(12–2pm): a eight week course beginning October 5th, 2019 — $15 per session or $100 for all eight sessions.

Lefebvre, Henri. Everyday Life in the Modern World, Chapter 2, “The Bureaucratic Society of Controlled Consumption,” and Chapter 4, “Terrorism and Everyday Life.”

Lefebvre, Henri. The Critique of Everyday Life, Volume I

Marcuse, Hebert. One-Dimensional Man

Negri, Antonio. Insurgencies, Chapter 1, “Constituent Power: the Concept of a Crisis,” and Chapter 5. “the Revolution and the Constitution of Labor.”