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Time after Time: A contemporary reading of Heidegger’s “Being and Time”

This is a fourteen-week seminar with Michael Pelias.
Martin Heidegger’s classic 1927 (unfinished) treatise has become the source of enormous influence (existentialism, existential Marxism, deconstruction, French psychoanalysis, comparative literature, architecture, and the plastic and spatial arts) in 20th and early 21st century thought and practice. Alongside the text’s productive and inspiring range, it has also provoked great controversy as a document of “the conservative revolution” in Germany of the 1920s and 1930s, leading some contemporary thinkers to advocate for its censorship and/or to read it–along with Heidegger’s other work–as directly correlative to the Third Reich. This will be faced squarely, and many left critiques ( from Lukacs and Adorno to Bourdieu) will be examined without diluting the intrinsic richness of Heidegger’s attempt to rewrite ontology, as well as his attempt to think outside of (and overcome) the Judaeo-Christian tradition and the “wrong turn” made in Rome

In this course, we will first situate the text in its historicity and within the Western philosophical tradition. We will then engage in a close internal reading of the text, emphasizing the question of “Why ontology today?”, and ask whether it possess meaning and direction for us. The reading will be a retrospective–prospective one that emphasizes: 1) da-sein in everyday life, 2) what is hermeneutics?, 3)the existential analytic, 4) the structure of care and interpretation of our experience and 5) the epoch we inhabit under the horizon of temporality, and lastly 6) given the spirit of our time, Being and Time as a crucial text for understanding the increasing inauthenticity of the political and philosophical conditions of our moment.

The Seminar will begin on October 7th at 1pm.

Long Island University — Brooklyn Campus. Humanities Building, 2nd floor, Room H‑222 in the Media Arts Department.

From Saturday, October 14th, the seminar will meet at the Idea Factory in Manhattan (2067 Broadway, 2nd Floor – front room, between 71st and 72nd Streets.), starting at 3:15pm. Specific details on times and location will be posted on our Calendar of Events page.

Live Stream: Seminar sessions will be streamed live on our YouTube page at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWW7dHZeOC2JgokQSrmcgPg/live

$150 for all sessions or $15 per session