Friday (Registration begins at ~9 AM)

Panel Session 1     12:00 PM-1:45 PM

Municipal Socialism and Police Abolition: Policing and Social Justice Project

Alex S. Vitale,
David Brotherton,
Jawanza Williams
Chair: Kristin Lawler

Marxist Theory: Karl Marx had Today's Left's Number in his Critique of the Gotha Program

Campism is Killing International Solidarity
Gabriel Donnally

Marx’s Lower Phase of Communism in the Critique of the Gotha Program
Francisco Palacios

Is Capitalism Exploitative?: Why G.A. Cohen’s “Plain Argument” Fails (while Marx’s Theory Succeeds)
Andrew Kliman

The Continuing Significance of the 1943 Soviet Revision of the Law of ValueTheresa Henry
Migration as Economic Imperialism: How International Labour Mobility Undermines Economic Development in Poor Countries

Immanuel Ness,
Corinna Mullin,
Jeannette Graulau

Marxism and the Capitalist State: Towards a New Debate

Rob Hunter,
Jasmine Chorley-Schulz,
Stephen Maher,
Kirstin Munro,
Chris O'Kane
Alyssa Battistoni
Chair: Raphael Khachaturian
Climate Justice, Ecosocialism and Public Power

Michael Menser,
Rebecca Lurie
Moderator: Eddie Yuen

Expanding NATO: Failed War in Ukraine & NATO 75th Anniversary in DC

Joe Lombardo,
Sara Flounders,
Dee Knight,
Dan Kovalik,
John Catalinotto

Korea & U.S. Militarization

Jia Hong
More Speakers TBD

Black Men and Electoral Politics: Quo Vadis

Nicholas Powers,
Anamaría Flores,
Noble Bratton

Lunch 1:45PM-2:30 PM

Panel Session 2     2:30 PM – 4:15 PM

Libidinal Displacement and Violence: Art and Everyday Disruption in War and Class War

Blake Stimson,
Gregory Sholette,
Elise Archias,
Leili Adibfar

What is Holding Back a Mass Movement Against the Imminent Danger of Trumpist Fascism?

The Destruction of the Judiciary and End of Democracy in the US has Already Happened
Anne Jaclard

Two World Camps or Two Worlds in Each Country?
Theresa Henry

“After Navalny, Our Turn”: Why “the Left” Totally Misjudged the MAGA BaseAndrew Kliman

Threats to American Liberal Democracy: Resisting Trumpist Reaction in 2024Gabriel Donnelly

Critical Studies on Terrorism

Use of the criminal typology of terrorism in the Spanish state: Lawfare and politicization of justice
Carmen Vivancos-Sánchez

Do Terrorists Make Markets?
Daniel Shinbaum

Marx and Terrorism John Gould

Marxist Theories of Race and Class

Rethinking the Concept of Antisemitism in the Dialectic of Enlightenment within a Marxist Approach to Racism
Charlie Ebert

Between Determinism and Mediation
Dave Beech

Post-Industrial Inequality: Class, Race, Sex, and Extreme Income
Thomas A. Hirschl
Orientalism, Feminism, Racism, Imperialism I

Lala Rukh’s Global Political and Artistic Practice: Military Dictatorship at the End of the Cold War, 1982-1987
Kristin Plys

Armenians in the Ottoman Empire Provinces and the Role of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation’s Socialism
Orhun Yalcin

The Dialectics of Social Change and Global Capitalist Order: Evidence from the ‘Arab Spring’
Govand Khalid Azeez

Marxism: The Antinomies of the Pro-War Left

American Empire and the Pro-War Left
Arun Gupta

War! What is it good for?
Viesturs Adler

There is No Paradox in a Pro-War Left—It is a Question of Politics
Dan La Botz

Chair: Peter Bratsis

African Anti-Imperialist Movements

Joseph Mullen,
John Philpot,
Hamadou Ibrahim,
Ambassador Dr. Sidi Omar,
Gordon R. Barnes, Jr.

Imperialism and Ecological Unequal Exchange

Pedro Freire,
Paul Bartlett,
Mariko Frame,
Alejandro Pedregal,
Nemanja Lukić,
Christopher Chase-Dunn

Panel Session 3     4:45 PM-6:30 PM

Marxism, Bodies, Pleasures

Tony Iantosca,
Paul Reynolds

Chair: Kristin Lawler

Class Politics in the Face of Reaction

Extraordinary Governance Measures as Authoritarian Class Politics
Attila Antal

"Culture War" as Moral Panic/Moral Panic as Weapon of Class Domination: a critique of contemporary "red-brown alliance" politics
Tom Buechele

Conspiracy in the Age of Respiratory Distress
AK Thompson
Ecosocialism or Ecofascism? Contemporary Responses to One of the Late Capitalist Era's Defining Conundrums

Sonia Irvine,
Chelsea Walton,
Amy Breedlove,
Sheelan Qader,
Maya Ethridge

Discusssant: Pratik Raghu

The Need for a Genuine Revolutionary Party of the Working Class

George Gruenthal,
Nellie Bailey,
Margaret Kimberly
Identity, Imperialism, Subjectivities

Ideology, Imperialism and the Mass Self: A new old story
Josh R. Klein

The End of the Myth of America and the Liberation of Humanity
Mark Wood

And What is the Reason? I am a JewUdi Aloni

Book Discussion: Communist Ontologies: Thinking In and Against Our Times

Bruno Gulli,
Richard Gilman-Opalsky,
Michael Pelias

Climate Change and War

Pippa Bartolotti,
Diane Moxley,
Mary Finneran

No War on Iran: Stand with Resistance

Bahman Azad,
Nima Nakhaei,
Nina Farnia,
Corinna Mullin

Opening Plenary 7:15 PM– 9:00 PM
Is There A Left in the United States?

Speakers: Laura Flanders, Rick Wolff, Malaika Jabali, Silvia Federici, Kali Akuno

Saturday (Registration begins at ~9 AM)
Panel Session 4     9:30 AM-11:15 AM

The American Left in the 1930s and the Contribution of Greek & Cypriot Americans in the Spanish Civil War

Nicholas Alexiou,
Evmorfia Argyropoulou

Discussant: Panagiotis Sotiris

Labor, Struggle, and Modes of Resistance:

Cultivating Effective Grassroots Resistance in Puerto Rico: Radical Imagination, Revolutionary Optimism, and Mass Organization in Three Struggles Against Land and Energy Privatization Danilo Andres Rios Jiménez

The iron law of oligarchy and teacher union revitalization in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles 1960-2023
Hakan Yilmaz

Slow Readings: A Critical Media Syllabus for the Radical Mind
Kyubin Kim
Radical Reading, Radical Writing

Rules for the Creation of Have-Not Genre Fiction
Jim Feast

Cosmic imagery and the violence of war in the works of Blanqui, Benjamin, and Serge
Matt Finck

Knowing Novecento: An analysis of Bertolucci’s 1976 film as narrative and as product
Daniel West

War at Home

This Genocide Will Be Televised The Contradictions and Solidarity Opportunities of War (not) as Spectacle
Mark Wood and Vivek Jain

The Marxist Left and ‘Critical Military Support’
Daniel Egan

Can the US Seize the Strategic Initiative?
Steven Miller
Dispossession and Struggle:

Collective Liminal Action by the Worn Outs: Symbiotic Assembly at Tapgol Park Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
Eugene Lim

Accumulation by Dispossession: The case of herders and farmers conflicts in Middle-belt, Nigeria
Afolabi Aribigbola

The Dynamics of Conflict Resolution: Religious and Liberal Approaches in Bangladesh's Context
Muhammad Ala Uddin

Warmonger: How Clinton's Malign Foreign Policy Launched the US Trajectory from Bush II to Biden

Jeremy Kuzmarov,
Dan Kovalik,
Tony Gronowicz
The Politics of Covid-19 / COVID-19 is Not Over

Victor Wallis,
Mitchell Cohen,
Martha Herbert

Latin America: Confronting U.S. Regime Change

William Camacaro,
William Sazalar,
Mairead Gillis,
Jill Clark

Panel Session 5     11:45 AM – 1:30 PM

Orientalism, Feminism, Racism, Imperialism II - Carceral Capitalism

Policing the Black Unruly: Caribbean (dis)ordering and Reverberations from Bwa Kayiman, Morant Bay, and Grenada
Morgan DaCosta

Penal Colonies and Political Exiles in the Chilean Sea of Islands
Nathan Carlos Norris

The Feminist Porn Wars and the Carceral State
Aurora Laybourn-Candlish

Opportunities for International Solidarity in a Multipolar World: Latin American Perspectives

The Anti-Marxist Myth of Multipolarity: The fight for national liberation and workers’ revolution in Latin America
Jacob A. Zumoff

Class War and the Periphery. José Carlos Mariátegui’s Legacy for the 21st Century
Eleonora Roldan Mendivil

Marighella’s Lesson: Safatle’s Critique of the Politics of Conciliation on the Left in Brazil
Marcelo Hoffman

Kumble Theater:

Book Talk: "Story of a Communist: A Memoir" By Antonio Negri (Forthcoming)

Peter Bratsis,
Matteo Polleri,
Andrew Anastasi,
Robyn Marasco

WFTU: Building an Authentic Global Labor Movement

Jeannette Graulau,
Frank Goldsmith,
Ángel Martinez,
Abdel Garcia,
Immanuel Ness
Marxism and Law

Making the Ties that Bind: NAFTA, Legal Form and the Production of Logistics Space
Gabriel Meier

Jurisdiction in the Web of Life: International Law and Natural Law as Abstract Social Nature
Javier Ezcurdia

Internationalism and International Law in Times of Hegemonic Crisis
Tyler Crown

Spiritual Warfare: Populism and the Far Right in the U.S.

Dominic Wetzel,
Sarah Louise MacMillen,
Alexander Scott,
Adam Goebler,
Nic Nicoludis
China: Opposing U.S. War Threats & Answering U.S. Propaganda

Lee Siu Him,
David Peat,
Arjae Red,
Danny Haiphong,
Chair: Sara Flounders

Cuba: Resisting the Blockade 60 Years On

Ike Nahem,
Bill Sacks,
Yohkna Beyena,
Ambassador Yuri A. Gala Lópe

Lunch 1:45 PM-2:30 PM

Panel Session 6     2:30PM-4:15 PM

Race and Colonialism: Primitive Accumulation, Value Production and the Sociogeny of Race

A Value-Theory of Labor Subjectivities: Theorizing Capital’s Production and Exploitation of Racial Difference
Davide Ventrone

Capitalism, Settler-Colonialism and the Articulation of Capitalist and Non-capitalist Modes of Production
Wayne Wapeemukwa

The Political Economy of Sociogeny: Bringing Fanon into Dialogue with Marx’s Theory of Value
Peter Hudis

Lenin’s Legacy For Socialist Organizing Today

Jackie DiSalvo,
Brian Becker,
Doug Ferrari,
Timour Kamran

Kumble Theater:
Marxism: No Politics But Class Politics – A Book Discussion

Walter Ben Michaels,
Adolph Reed Jr.,
Cody Campbell,
Nick Reynolds

Chair: Alex Stavrakas

Book Talk: The Fall and Rise of American Finance

Steve Maher,
Samir Sonti,
Emma Pick,
Greg Albo

Chair: Steve Maher

Marxism and Radical Theory

Class Struggle in the Late Althusser
Thomas Carmichael

Dictatorship of the Proletariat and/as Islet of Communism: Althusser and the politics of the encounter
Panagiotis Sotiris

So-called “Anti-Anti-Zionism” and the Critique of Value
Jake Orbison

Chair Paul Reynolds
Labor for Palestine

Michael Letwin,
Sultana Hossain,
Adithya Gungi,
Sophia Gurulé

Chair Kristin Lawler

Race, Class and Sport

Monica Morehead,
Matt Glover,
Lawrence Johnson,
Noble Bratton
The Class Imperative Underlying Criminal U.S. Covert Operations Around the World

Jeremy Kuzmarov,
John Kiriakou,
Chris Agee,
Kit Klarenberg

The Dialectic at Work

Richard D. Wolff,
Shahram Azhar

Panel Session 7     4:45PM-6:30 PM

Book Launch: Live Theory: The Aronowitz Reader

Peter Bratsis,
Kristin Lawler,
Bruno Gulli,
Michael Pelias

Wars and Capital

War as Distractive Capital: Reclaiming the Political Horizon in the Ideological Mist of Conflict
Pierre Parouffe, Maja Kantar

The permanent arms economy redux: Capitalist crises and the weight of war spending
Hanna Goldberg

Global Capitalism Theory in the Age of Militarized Accumulation and Geopolitical Rivalries: A Critical Overview
M. Gürsan Şenalp

Kumble Theater:
The Declining US Empire: Causes and Implications

Clara Mattei,
Rick Wolff,
Brian Becker

Chair: Michael Pelias
Book Launch: Socialist Register 2024: A New Global Geometry?

A New Global Geometry?
Greg Albo and Steve Maher

The US and China’s Digital Tech War: A New Rivalry Within and Beyond the US Empire?
Tanner Mirrlees

US Capitalism: Too Big to Fail, Too Weak to Lead
Ingo Schmidt

Chair: Greg Albo

Ecological destruction as Class War I

Ecological Destruction as Class War in the Amazon Rainforest
Eneida Jacobsen

A Historical Materialist Consideration of Opioid Epidemics
David C. Perlman & Ashly E Jordan

Extending a Historical Materialist Theory of Epidemics
David C. Perlman & Ashly E Jordan

Nature And Science As A Terrain Of Class Struggle
Marija Radovanovic

Palestine, the Sixties, and Universality
Cam West

U.S. to Palestine – the Rising Global Working Class Movement
Walda Katz-Fishman & Joyce Fraser Mills

Abolition Geography and the Question of Palestine
Brendan O’Connor

Film and Fictional Origins in Black Hollywood

Jared A. Ball,
Mtume Gant,
Noble Bratton,
Leila Taylor
Sanctions as War: Tightening the Noose on 1/3 of Humanity

Renate Bridenthal,
Sara Flounders,
Jeannette Graulau,
Corinna Mullin,
Nina Farnia,
Adair Martinez

Plenary     7:00 PM-8:45 PM
Palestine: Between Class War and Colonial Uprising

Speakers: Andreas Malm, Siraj Ahmed, Rabab Abdulhadi, Helga Tawil-Souri, Samar Al-Saleh Chair: Samar Al-Saleh

Sunday (Registration begins at ~9 AM)
Session 8     10:00 AM-11:45 AM

Haiti: Intervention or Revolution

Kim Ives,
Berthony Dupont,
Jocelyne Gay,
Mary Paule Floristal,
Pierre Gedeon

The Intimate Marriage of The Nuclear Family and Capitalism

Harriet Fraad,
Tess Fraad Wolff,
Shane Knight
Labor's Forgotten Fights: Struggles Over and Against Work Time:

Jamie McCallum,
Wilson Sherwin,
Margaret Lee

Chair: Kristin Lawler

Lenin and Class Struggle

Lenin’s Legacy 100 Years Later: Dialectics of Revolution and National Liberation
Lyndon Requena

Class War and Wars of National Liberation: Views on National Self-Determination of Lenin, of Trotsky, and of the Classical Anarchists, Bakunin, Kropotkin, and Malatesta
Wayne Price

Class Struggle, Revolutions and the Making of the World Order
Lorenzo Fusaro
Ecological Destruction as Class War II: Refugees, Migration, Dispossession

Healing Haunting Matters: Material, eco-geopolitical wounding and extractions of afterlives and
colonialism across the Atlantic
Kim Darbouze

Guatemalan migrant labour in the Ontario greenhouse-migrant labour complex, a Northern agro-extractive frontier
Chris Little

The Environmental Impacts of Sanctions on Venezuela
Erica Jung

Moving the Money for Human Needs

Bill Meyer,
Tom Gogan,
Henry Lowendorf,
Bahman Azad,
Tara Currie
Book Launch: Last Western Empire: A History of U.S. Foreign Policy

Anthony Gronowicz
Discussant: Jeremy Kuzmarov

Dependency Theory Revisited

Pedro Freire,
Yasin al-Amin,
Jeannette Graulau,
Hilary Goodfriend,
Sherley Cordova

Chair: Alexander Scott

Session 9     12:15 PM-2:00 PM

Marxism and Strategy

Marx with Blanchot: Radical Style and The Politics of Writing between the Paris Commune & May ‘68
Chris Wortman

The strategic question revisited: thoughts on defeat, rupture and the (im)possibility of left governments
Panagiotis Sotiris

Between the strategic limitations to reform parties and the strategic problems of transformative parties: An Exercise in Critical Thought
Paul Reynolds

Marxism: Roundtable discussion of the books "Desire & Fate" and "Age of Anxiety"

Peter Bratsis,
Alex Stavrakas,
David Rieff
Age of Extremes at Thirty: War, Revolution, Art

The Method of Materialism: Culture in Hobsbawm’s History
Giacomo Bianchino

No End in Sight: The End of History in Hobsbawm's Age of Extremes
Souli Boutis

Looking For A People: Hobsbawm and the Avant-Garde
Yagiz Ay
Chair: Alexander Soria-Terkin

Lessons from Radical Labor History

Peace Work with a Union Label
Steve Thornton

Prospects for Southern Labor Organizing in Historical Context
Mike Goldfield

Party Labor History and Organizing at Amazon
Justine Medina

Chair: Kristin Lawler
Roundtable: Literature and Revolution in Our Time

Barbara Foley,
Samirah Rhodes,
Drew Stahl-David,
Jason Frydman,
Mani Martinez

Unequal Exchange: Capitalism and Global Economic Inequality

Torkil Lauesen,
Nemanja Lukić,
Immanuel Ness,
Joseph Mullen
Syria: Western Imperialism and Resilience

Dan Kovalic,
Judy Bello,
Linda Matar,
Ali Kadri

Bronx Anti War-Strategies for Combining Anti-Imperialism and Community Organizing

Richie Merino,
Anamarie Flores

Lunch     2:00 PM-2:45 PM

Session 10     2:45 PM-4:30 PM

History, Time, Politics

The Year 1914 and the Chronometer of War
Hannah Gadbois

The American Civil War as Communist Revolution
Timour Kamran

Neo-Feudalism and/at the End of History
Benjamin E. CurtisLabor, the General Intellect, and the Automation of War II

Autonomy and Autopsy: “Feature Visualization“ as a Tactic of Cyberwarfare
Ahwar Sultan

Israeli Artificial Intelligence through Palestinian Sacrificial Labor
Francisco Ramos

Artificial Intelligence & Class Struggle
Hagen Blix

Chair: Alexander Soria-Terkin

Power and Productive Force

Marx's Model of the Social-Historical Universe
Jonathan Ned Katz

The Fetishism of Power: A Response to Søren Mau’s Theory of Capitalist Power
Allan M. Hillani

Service Labor and Post-Capitalist Transition: Evidence for Productive Forces?
Peter Ikeler
Labor, the General Intellect, and the Automation of War II

Autonomy and Autopsy: “Feature Visualization“ as a Tactic of Cyberwarfare
Ahwar Sultan

Israeli Artificial Intelligence through Palestinian Sacrificial Labor
Francisco Ramos

Artificial Intelligence & Class Struggle
Hagen Blix

Chair: Alexander Soria-Terkin

Social Reproduction

Social Reproduction Theory and Disability
Aaron Jaffe

From Production to Social Reproduction and Back Again: Rehearsing an Argument
Paul Reynolds
Literature, Method, Revolution

Coriolanus Against Liberalism: Reading C.L.R. James Reading Shakespeare
Jeremy Matthew Glick

Coup de Haiku: Amiri Baraka and Poetic Movement as poetic praxis
Julia T. Bannon

On Vocal Formalism and Military Intelligence in Carlos Bulosan’s Novel The Cry and the Dedication (On Hukbalahap 1942 Filipino Marxist Insurgency)
Lilian Quijano Johnson

Ante-Possession: On Critiques of Dispossession that do not Presume a Prior Possession
David Kazanjian

Free the Land: A Roundtable on Land Back and Anticolonial Struggles for a Just Climate

Kazembe Balagun,
Sophie Lewis,
Ashley Dawson,
Audrea Lim,
Kali Akuno
Discussant: Malav Kanuga
Yugoslavia: 30 years of NATO War & Expansion

Barry Lituchy,
Milos Raickovich,
John Bosnitch

Puerto Rico: Decolonization vs. Corporate Privatization

Lorraine Liriano

Closing Plenary     5:15 PM-7:00 PM
Palestine Solidarity in the Academy: Repression and Resistance

Speakers: Corinna Mullin; Saadia Toor; Eric Horowitz; Britt Munro; Sara Aayoub, Alexander Soria-Terkin